Ali Hugo is a versatile Canadian indie artist from Ontario, showcasing the wide range of skills needed to thrive in today’s music industry. As a singer-songwriter, keyboardist, music and video producer, dancer, sound engineer, and blogger, Hugo’s career began early. At eight years old, he joined his family’s band “Leo” as the lead singer. During his teenage years, he gained experience by performing in the “Spin Around the Mall Tour,” playing gigs at various shopping malls.
After completing high school, Hugo pursued higher education in the UK, earning a bachelor’s degree in Financial Engineering from the University of Bedfordshire. Despite accumulating an impressive professional resume, Hugo felt the pull of the music industry and decided to return, taking a DIY approach to his craft. His first solo instrumental album, “New Generation Farahan,” achieved significant success, reaching the top ten on global indie charts and producing the North merican #1 hit single “Tears of a Broken Heart,” which also topped various indie video charts. Inspired by this achievement, Hugo embarked on his next venture, “Time Machine.” This EP features remastered versions of his earlier works, brought into the digital age through a complex engineering process. “Time Machine” yielded three #1 hit singles and earned Hugo a Gold Record from his boutique Canadian label, Mirage Records, recognizing his impressive streaming and download numbers.