Velour Fog, a British rock quartet originating from the outskirts of London, marks a promising addition to the modern rock scene. Establishing themselves as the UK’s fresh voice in a new wave of rock music, they bring an energetic blend of intense, riff-driven melodies that effortlessly combine traditional rock elements with a contemporary twist. The band was formed in 2020, under the leadership of frontman Jake, who doubles as the lead guitarist and principal songwriter. Jake’s skill on the guitar is noteworthy, delivering lightning-fast solos complemented by robust, captivating vocals that truly energize their tracks. The rhythm section, powered by drummer “Moose,” provides a solid, driving backbone that enriches the band’s sound with depth and vigor. Moose’s drumming is the heartbeat of Velour Fog, propelling their music with compelling rhythms and a dynamic pulse. On rhythm guitar, Marshall contributes not only with his musical abilities but also with his mesmerizing stage presence, known for his hypnotic and sometimes shocking performances. Bassist Naois rounds out the group, bringing a playful yet precise bass play that perfectly complements his unique stage persona, enhanced by his distinctive mustache. Velour Fog’s collaboration with legendary rock music producer Nick Tauber, known for his work with icons like Thin Lizzy and Def Leppard, promises to elevate their music to new heights. Their sound, deeply rooted in the influential rock movements of the ’80s and ’90s, is revitalized by their innovative approach, making it relevant for today’s audience. Their discography, though brief, is already compelling, with singles like “Black Babylon” and “Dopehead” establishing a solid foundation. Their latest release, “Glue,” continues this trajectory, focusing on powerful guitar riffs that are both nostalgic and fresh.
Overall, Velour Fog is a band with a clear vision and impressive execution, bringing back classic rock vibes while infusing them with a modern flavor. They are certainly a band to watch for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of rock music.