Portraits & Tales, a country rock and pop band from northern Sweden, invites listeners on an emotional journey through their evocative lyrics and melodies. Formed by friends Jyrki Unhola and Alvaro Araya Leon, the band’s origins lie in recording cover songs as a hobby. Their unique sound, driven by Alvaro’s distinctive vocals and guitar, Jyrki’s bass tempo, and their combined interest in sound technology, quickly evolved into high-quality productions. In 2018, Alvaro met Malin Araya Frostfalk, whose vocal talents significantly enriched the band’s sound. Later, Robin Lundberg joined, adding a new dimension to their music. Their cover of Uno Svenningson’s “Du kommer att ångra det här” garnered over 4,000 views on YouTube within a week, signaling their transition from a hobby project to a serious musical endeavor. Their cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” received a similar response. Portraits & Tales began releasing original material in 2021, starting with “Only You” and followed by “Struggle.” Their collaboration with Bd Pop led to the production of their EP “This is Portraits & Tales,” released in May 2022. Since then, they have continued to release singles, including “Suddenly” in April 2023 and “What If I Was” in January 2024, a deeply emotional dedication to their children.
Their latest single, “Leave it All Behind,” is about moving forward and not letting negative energy dictate one’s future. With its infectious hook, it promises to be their most mainstream song yet. Portraits & Tales continue to captivate their growing audience with their heartfelt and innovative music.