“Hand on Heart” is not just another name in the Italian hard rock scene, but a true resurgence of the robust and passionate sounds of the genre, infused with a modern twist. Formed in 2017 in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, the members of the band bring a wealth of experience and a musical history that clearly shines through in their work.
This band, composed of seasoned musicians, reflects a deep connection to the hard rock of the 70s and 80s, yet manages to capture a contemporary feel that appeals to today’s audiences. With members like Alessandro Moschini and Sergio Leonetti, who played in the 80s hard rock band G.L.A.S., there’s a palpable link to the classic era of rock. Moschini’s additional stints with bands like H.A.R.E.M. and Charisma, and his collaboration in the acoustic duo COFFEE & FLOWERS with Gianluca Niccoli, show a versatility that enriches the band’s sound. Christian Evans, an English guitarist who has been part of the Tuscan music scene since 1999, adds an international flavor to the group, broadening their appeal. The band’s achievement of finishing third at the World Songwriting Awards, ahead of some Grammy-nominated artists, is not just a significant milestone but also a testament to their potential on the global stage. Their music draws heavily on their rock influences, with bands like Van Halen, Motley Crue, and Kiss serving as inspirations. This is especially evident in their latest single, “Agony,” which is the seventh preview of their upcoming debut album “Space.” The track showcases their hard rock prowess and sets high expectations for the album.
“Hand on Heart” maintains a robust online presence, actively engaging with fans across various platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. This not only keeps their audience engaged but also helps them reach new listeners who crave the energetic and emotional depth of hard rock. In essence, “Hand on Heart” embodies a revival of classic hard rock with a fresh perspective, making their upcoming projects highly anticipated by both long-time rock enthusiasts and new listeners. Their journey is marked by a blend of rich musical experience, cultural diversity, and a passionate commitment to the rock genre, promising a significant new chapter in the landscape of rock music.