Easy Sleeper, the indie rock sensation from Los Angeles, traces its origins back to 2018 in Washington D.C.’s vibrant DIY music scene. Founding members Guttenberger, Alex Lubeck, and David Poznansky bonded over their shared musical influences and began crafting a unique sound that quickly captivated audiences. Their early performances at various house venues, bars, and clubs across the East Coast, coupled with a steady gig at the Songbyrd Record Cafe/Music House, solidified their reputation. In 2019, the band relocated to Los Angeles, where they built a community by hosting DIY shows at their Koreatown home. During the pandemic, guitarist and producer Caddy, Lone Ranger, joined the group, leading to the creation of their EP “Stay Home Always.” Since then, Easy Sleeper has toured extensively across North America, opened for NNAMDI in Spring 2023, and completed their first headlining tour across the Southwest. With their single “Timekeeper” enjoying airplay on SiriusXMU, the band is gearing up for an exciting summer and fall tour, with dates to be announced soon.
Their latest single, “Shock Nerve,” released on May 24th, is the third track from their forthcoming album, due out this fall. “Shock Nerve” is a compelling blend of jagged post-punk and polished indie rock, driven by insistent bass lines, a nervy, anxious thrum, and shimmering guitars. The track begins with an electrifying tangle of wire-like guitars, escalating in intensity and urgency as it progresses. It deftly balances the darker elements of guitar-driven post-punk with a hint of jangle, creating a disorienting yet captivating sonic landscape. In this atmosphere, bassist and vocalist David Poznansky offers a poignant meditation on the contemporary era of media consumption and its impact on genuine human connection beyond digital screens.