Emerging from the vibrant streets of Cambridge, England, The Routine has quickly carved out a niche in the alternative music scene with their unique blend of punk rock and post-grunge influences. Their sound, a robust mix of chugging guitars and melodic harmonies, creates a dynamic musical experience that is both edgy and melodious, catering to a diverse audience. The band, comprising Liam Palmer on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben Taylor on lead guitar, Ben Nunn on bass, and Mark Thomson on drums, showcases a synergy that is palpable in their recordings and live performances. Their debut single “Too Many Times” set a high bar, which was met and exceeded by subsequent tracks like “Come Knocking At My Bedroom Door” and “Rest.” Each track exhibits the band’s ability to blend intense rock energy with catchy, anthem-like melodies. Their recent EP, “Under The Circumstances,” is a testament to their versatility. From the gritty energy of their live shows to the polished finesse of their studio work, The Routine demonstrates a mastery of sound that is rare for such a young band. Their collaborations with notable studios like Crooks Hall Studio and North Acre Recording Studio highlight their commitment to quality and innovation in their music production. 2023 was a significant year for The Routine, marked by a slew of successful UK shows, including high-energy performances in London supported by iconic promoters like Camden Rocks and HotVox. Their headline slot at Strawberry Fair’s Cambridge 105 Stage and their nomination for ‘Best Indie’ at the 2023 NMG Awards are clear indicators of their rising popularity and the strong connection they have forged with their audience. Looking forward to 2024, The Routine is poised for even greater achievements with the anticipated release of new singles and a full album. Their latest single, “Better,” is a promising preview of what’s to come. The track features a captivating blend of driving rhythms and powerful vocals from Liam Palmer, complemented by intricate guitar work by Ben Taylor. The song’s mid-breakdown shift towards a heavier sound indicates the band’s willingness to push their musical boundaries and explore new territories. Overall, The Routine is a band on the rise, with a clear vision and the talent to back it up. Their music not only resonates with fans of alternative and indie rock but also appeals to those who appreciate the raw emotion and energy of live rock performances. As they continue to evolve and expand their musical repertoire, The Routine is undoubtedly a band to watch in the coming years.