Hippy is the now established collaboration between singer songwriter Paul ‘Hippy’ Hipson and guitarist Hugh Frizell both based in Glasgow. Prior to the formation of Hippy, Paul played many well received local and national shows over time and built an enviable reputation as both writer and performer with several singles, album and EP releases. Hugh is also a seasoned musician of some years with many gigs, touring, writing and recording work under his belt with various bands and artists. The guys met by chance in Glasgow back in September 2019 and hit it off personally and musically. They share a mutual love for bands and artists such as Dylan, the Who, the Beatles, Neil Young, Bowie, Oasis amongst others but probably the bands having the most influence are The Beatles and The Who – both acts continue to both inspire Paul and Hugh individually and collectively. After their initial meet and hitting it off being so successful, they decided to go into the studio to cut a song and see if it clicked between them. It did. The result of that first studio collaboration was the track ‘Aries Girl’ which was released in November 2019 and met with critical acclaim. The subsequent follow up songs including, ‘Feelgood’, ‘Junkyard Babies’ and ‘Volunteer’ were received with genuine positivity from critics and fans alike. At this point – with Paul and Hugh both thoroughly enjoying the experience of crafting their songs and finalising them in the studio – the decision was then made to write and record a full album. The album was successfully completed by September 2020 at the HQ Recording Studios, Glasgow and featured 12 tracks, 11 written by Paul and Hugh. ‘Behind Every Song is a Story’ – Hippy was released on all major platforms in October ’20. Hippy followed up ‘Behind Every Song Is A Story’ by releasing their second album ‘Falling In Love With Being Alive’ in August 2021. The album containing another 11 tracks from the guys including favourites from live gigs the tracks ‘Destination Alienation’, ‘Vicious Circle’ ‘Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ as well as the album title track. Again, produced at the HQ by Gregor McPhie – FILWBA was received well by fans of the band’s distinctive sound and eye (and ears) for melodies and a song. Post release of FILWBA saw the chaps play some headline shows in their hometown, Glasgow at notable venues like Nice ‘n’ Sleazys and Room2. They’ve also enjoyed a generous share of local and national radio play in particular with the prominent rock critic/ journalist, Billy Sloan, regularly playing and championing the band on his Saturday night BBC Radio show. Two further singles were released ‘Boho Eskimo’ and the most recent ‘Collateral’ and both also met with a great reception by fans and critics alike.
Several singles have been written and released post the FILWBA album such as ‘Idol’, ‘Waiting For Love’ and ‘Weight of Expectation’ to name a few. Also released was their distinctive cover of the Peter Gabriel 80s classic ‘Sledgehammer’. The band was also expanded for certain live shows earlier in ’23 to include Johnny D on Bass and G-Man McPhie on drums. These shows were both well attended and went down a storm with the fans. Paul and Hugh are looking forward to releasing their latest single ‘Justice and the Thief’ on 26th October 2023. The guys headline Room2 Glasgow on December 23rd. This will be a full/ electric band show.