Junk Season is the musical pursuit of Harrison Kendall, an artist influenced by bands like Blink-182, The Wonder Years and Neck Deep. Harrison started this project in 2020 originally under the pseudonym Fordë, creating lo-fi bedroom pop with an edge of pop punk. Over the past two years through lockdowns and other challenges, Harrison’s sound evolved into a full band format, leading to the creation of Junk Season. Junk Season’s music is primarily pop punk, with songs that explore tough topics and personal experiences, often delving into the “junk” in life you’d rather throw away, the parts that can be hard to confront. Harrison draws inspiration from his own experiences, and growing up listening to bands like Blink-182, he aims to create music like that which means as much to someone else as Blink did (and still does!) to him. The name Junk Season came out of Harrison’s desire to create a name that encapsulated the new sound and direction of the project. For Harrison, the songs he writes come in waves or “seasons,” and some of the subject matter can be difficult to face. However, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and he hopes that listeners can find connection and understanding in his music. While the music composed by Harrison is written and produced by him, he maintains a group of musicians which consist of bassist Daniel Streeter and drummer Hayden Peerless who perform with him for live shows also under the Junk Season name. The band aim to gig across the UK throughout 2023. With new music on the horizon, Harrison and the boys are excited for this new beginning – it’s Junk Season!